Pregnancy And Sports: Best Tips And Recommended Exercises

“Eat as much as you can sweetie and don’t make any unnecessary movements – it’s bad for a pregnant woman!” Have you ever heard such words? I bet you have heard them from your parents and grandparents фтв tried to follow their advice, eat and sit still and immobile in order “not to disturb a baby”.

In fact, doctors say that prenatal nutrition should be moderate; as for the sports, it depends on the trimester and your health. It is common known that the risk of miscarriage is especially high during the first trimester, so it’s probably better for you to refuse to any tough physical exercises. But if you and the baby feel good, it’s a nice idea to dive into sports and ease your “burden” a little bit.

First of all, remember that pregnancy is not a disease. You are supposed to be prepared for the future challenge. Imagine that you are a professional sportsman and the future delivery is a contest. It would be weird if a sportsman decided to neglect the workouts on the eve of the contest, wouldn’t it? Both prenatal and postnatal periods are a huge stress for your body, so make sure you give your body a stretch before the marathon.

It’s important to remember that pregnancy, although not a disease, is a very specific state, and this fact vetoes some certain kinds of sports. Thus, you’d better refuse to the sports that deal with jogging, heavy lifting and jumping. Besides, you should forget about cycling, horse riding, volleyball, basketball, and of course any kind of extreme sports like parachuting, bungee jumping, etc. The best sports for pregnant women are swimming, yoga, aerobics and shaping. If you are not a big fan of sports you can attend dance classes. Belly dance is especially good for a pregnant girl because it helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

The 1st Trimester (First 16 Weeks)

This is the toughest and the most dangerous period. The fetus has just started its forming and its connection with your body is weak. Any stress can cause a lot of harm, so it’s better to forget about intensive workouts during this period. Your body needs oxygen badly, so light aerobic exercises and long walks on the fresh air will aid you and your future baby tremendously. Avoid abrupt movements like bending, inclinations, etc.

The 2nd Trimester (Weeks 16-32)

Moms-to-be start experiencing blood pressure, varicose and bearing issues during this period. They are becoming bigger and feeling heavy, so the best decision for the second trimester is swimming. It will make you feel as light and skinny as you were before your pregnancy and help you strengthen the muscles.

The 3d Trimester (From the Week 32 up to the Delivery)

This is the most challenging period. Your uterus is growing and the focus shifts progressively higher up the heart. Your exercises should dwell upon cardiovascular system and blood circulation. Choose light yoga asanas and don’t forget about the relaxation! Massage will be a great idea as well (a daddy-to-be will have a great chance to challenge his massaging skills during this period).

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