Plastic surgery pros and cons.

Are you satisfied with your physical appearance? Are you a self-confident person? Do you find yourself attractive? Well, if you do not then probably you would like to have a plastic surgery. For many it is the only possible way to change attitude to themselves. At the same time you may risk taking the decision. The result of the cosmetic surgery may be unpleasant. It depends on the surgeon and of course on your expectations. If you do not like the final result it may destroy your life and make things worse. Let’s see what are pros and cons of having plastic surgery.

In case you do not like your facial features of course you may have a cosmetic surgery. I know a girl who is literally dreaming of changing the shape of her nose. As for me I’m sure that she is attractive and her nose is just perfect. But it is impossible to persuade her to think another way. So she is going to have plastic surgery to become more attractive and even desirable. I suppose it concerns more her psychological health not physical appearance. Hopefully if she has a cosmetic surgery it would affect her psychological state. Thus plastic surgery elevates someone’s self-esteem. After having a cosmetic surgery people become more self-confident and even happy and satisfied. As for me inner world is much more important than physical appearance. But it is just another story.

At the same time to have a plastic surgery is quite expensive. You buy a pig in a poke as you never know what would be the result. And again it would depend not only on the skill of the surgeon. It mainly depend on the fact whether your expectations are real. Some patients are dreaming to look like a Hollywood star. Well, just try to be reasonable and realistic.

Take care!

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4 responses to “Plastic surgery pros and cons.”

  1. Ernest Dempsey says :

    Interesting blog! I agree that it’s matter of psychological health rather than physical condition that drives us in one or another direction. Our psyche determines who we are and how we look like.

    • standingonedge says :

      Thank you so much for your opinion, it is always very nice to know what other people think on the subject, it helps to understand the whole concept better. Many thanks for stopping by!

  2. Kristy says :

    Honestly, I never was satisfied of my physical appearance, but Thank God with the plastic surgeries. I think that if they are made with moderation, it’s not something bad, especially that it will boost our confidence. So, I did a Toronto tummy tuck in order to get rid of my saggy skin, after my big weight loss and now I’m so satisfied… love the results!

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