Is It Really Good to Be That Thin?

Thanksgiving Day is far behind and the Christmas holidays ended two days ago. Have you remembered about your diet? Don't try to exhaust your body again and again to reach the weigh of a colibri. If you were in the shoes of a thin person for a while you would decidedly state the you don't want to become skinny. OK, let us imagine that you are a skinny teeny girl. I bet you enjoy imagining it from time to time. Now consider your new life.

  • Everyone who hasn't seen you for a long time or a new acquaintance consider their debt to make a pitiful face and exclaim: “ How thin you are! I can see your bones protruding. Have you eaten anything today?”. As a variant they may offer you a quick snack. The most “caring” people will ask if you are ill or something. The constant questions about keeping to a diet get you upset because…
  • You eat everything you see to gain at least two or three pounds. You don't want to eat, you hate greasy food but you are to consume it otherwise you will lose a couple of stones in half a year. Your friends try to feed you forcedly even if you are completely done.
  • You can't buy stylish clothes as everything hangs loosely on your bony shoulders. Forget about tight jeans because there is no more tight clothes for you. Well, at least you may pick something up at the kids' section.

  • You have searched through good deal of web-sites trying to find out how to gain weight. Alas every web page contains only the tips on losing weight.
  • When someone gives you a golden ring with a huge diamond you have to go to the jeweler first to reduce its diameter.
  • You are constantly shaking with cold. Your skin is pale and blueish and your legs are covered with goosebumps. You can't understand why everyone is dressed in cotton shirts in your office while you are wearing woolen sweater.

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