What Present to Give Your Girlfriend

St. Valentine’s Day, New Year, her birthday or another anniversary. The life of a couple is practically mined with various small and significant holidays. On the one hand the most part of them are not much ado but on the other hand they are a pretty good reason for your girlfriend to demand a small present. And now comes the question- what to choose?

The girls usually evaluate the present according to several criteria. Here is the list of the most common and typical of any girl.

  • The present should inform your girlfriend about the stage of your relationships. If you want to develop them don’t give her a Lego kit which is meant to symbolize the strength of the feelings that connect you. It’s better to tell her about that. And give her something that will unite you, for example a trip for two persons. But if you’re not sure that you want to be with your girlfriend forever choose some nice thematic thing, which will show her that you have learned her preferences at least.
  • Think about what you want to tell her with this present. If you want to show her that you’re interested, but nothing more at this stage, buy the tickets to the theater. If you want to say that you like her take her to eat out in a nice restaurant with the candles on the table. And the great installation with the moon raising above the hills says nothing less than “Marry me!”. It would be silly to behave as a friend the next day after such a romantic story.
  • The girls appreciate the presents that cost something (efforts, money, time or skills) and are appropriate for you social status. If you earn a great deal of money and give her a wooden brick-a-brack she will be surprised. But she will be more surprised if you, being a student, give her a piece of jewelery with a diamond. By the way, how did you get it?
  • She will be pleased if you sacrifice something. Spend the time on her, refuse to go out with your friends or come to her house on her birthday. The girls will appreciate such devoted behavior. And don’t forget to listen to her at least today.

The nice things to amuse and provide the minutes of pleasure for any girl may be a vintage Polaroid camera for making instant photos, a romantic trip (even to the neighbor town) or a handmade art object.

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