Mens’ View on Womens’ Rules

There is too much information in the social networks concerning the typical behavior of women. And all the men have to lean on it. But now it’s time to do all the list. Here is the list of the rules for the women with the remarks of men.

  • Tears are blackmail. No matter if a girl has a fit of hysteria or she is sobbing quietly at the table silently finicking with her fork in the plate.
  • If you want something say that straightly. The dim hints and allusions certainly won’t do. Even the obvious inklings are not OK. Just say that openly and we’ll discuss your wish.
  • “Yes” and “no” are the perfect answers to each question.
  • Share with us only those problems that are necessary to be solved. We are to solve your problems. If you want sympathy tell your friends how miserable you are.
  • If your headache won’t cease in 17 weeks, you’re ill. There is a need to have an appointment with a doctor.
  • Every word that we said by change in an argue which happened six month ago can’t be used as an argument. The shelf life of any phrase or comment automatically is over in less than two weeks.
  • If you think that you are fat that is true. Don’t ask us if you have put another 200 grams on.
  • If our phrase is ambiguous and one of its meanings irritates and upsets you, don’t worry. We meant another thing actually.
  • You may either ask us to fix something or tell us how to fix something better. But not the both options at one time. If you know how to fix something the best way possible go and fix it yourself.
  • If it’s possible say all that you want during the ad break.

  • Christopher Columbus wasn’t constantly reminded where to navigate. We also don’t need any instructions.
  • All the men see the world in the 16-color Windows scheme. Peach is the taste of juice and pumpkin may be the taste of a pie. We also have no idea what coral or mint green means.
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4 responses to “Mens’ View on Womens’ Rules”

  1. Littlebeut333 says :

    This proper rolled me up! πŸ™‚ Thanks muchly. Dawny πŸ™‚

  2. standingonedge says :

    Littlebeut333, glad you’ve enjoyed my article! Cheers!

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