Food Guide of a Real Man

There are periods in life of every man when they literally want nothing. And less than anything else you want to raise the devil, make jokes or dispose women to some horizontal actions. This breakdown can be explained by the lack of necessary elements in your daily nutrition. The following eight products present a panacea of your problems and will wake up the male in you.

Let’s begin with grape. It is often said that fruits are not men’s food but this particular one will help your sperm to become nibbler. Red grape contains a special substance – resveratrol, which increases the level of testosterone and strengthens the mobility of sperm. A handful of grapes a day will be enough.

To be vigorous in bed you will need tuna. One can of fish contains your daily portion of vitamin D. It reduces the level of protein which binds testosterone, so the bigger part of this hormone remains in free and active condition.

To acquire sexual stamina and forget about their fear of sexual frustration you should include pomegranate in your nutrition. In places where it grows it is considered to be very important for the fertility of both men and women. A glass of pomegranate juice per day will considerably improve your men’s power.

Avocado is essential for cleaning the canals. Cholesterol produces negative effect on the performance of blood vessels which influences the erectile function. Avocado, as well as nuts and oils contain monounsaturated acids which decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood.

Garlic will provide you with strong muscles. It is rich with allicin which reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol in your muscles and replaces it with testosterone. The result –your increased stamina and the ability to perform new sexual heroic deeds. As for the smell of garlic, it is up to you to decide how to deal with it.

Eggs are needed to cause hormonal explosion as cholesterol contained in yolk serves as the material for the synthesis of testosterone in your body. Your daily portion should be three eggs. Do not worry, it will not influence the level of cholesterol in your blood.

Honey will help you to become more active. This sweet substance is rich with boracium which, as you might already guessed, increase the level of testosterone. Besides, honey contains a considerable amount of nitrogen oxide which widens the vessels and helps the blood to reach the organ we are interested in. Four tea spoons per day will give you the reputation of a real male in bedroom.

Cabbage is another useful product which helps you to get rid of female hormone estrogen. If the level of estrogen is high, you lose your male features and acquire softness which is more characteristic of women. Only 500 gr. of cabbage per day during a week – and the amount of estrogen in your body will reduce by fifty percent.

All these products are completely available, so include them in your ration right now and enjoy wonderful results in a short time.

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