Five Signs That You Are Alcoholic

As for me, I see no harm in drinking a glass or two of beer after work in a company of my friends or something stronger if there is event which demands solid celebration. However, I sometimes wonder – where is the line between being occasional alcohol drinker and alcohol-dependent person? So, I decided to make up my own list of signs which can help to define whether you are facing a problem or can still have your evening bottle of beer…or two or three bottles if you are in the mood.

The first sign that you may be alcohol-addicted is that this heading has attracted your attention and now you are reading this article. It means that you already feel that something is wrong with your attitude towards alcohol drinking and try to define the seriousness of the problem.

Another indicator I recommend to use is the state of your mini bar. Whether there are some exclusive kinds of alcohol in it or is it used only as a place to hang thirsty mice? If your mini bar is empty it means either that you lead completely sober way of life or that you do not have enough will to keep alcohol till some important event and the bottle in your collection bothers you till its content is not in your stomach.

If it became normal for you to feel guilty in the mornings and write apologizing messages to your drinking companions of the previous evening, it can also mean that your behavior is out of the limits of accepted rules. By the way, if you remember for what you should apologize, it is not as bad as can be. But if you have only a vague idea of the events of the previous night and can not imagine why your girlfriend does not speak with you, or where your driving license is or what a real goat is doing in your bathroom, something is wrong with you for sure.

If you find no harm in drinking alone, it is another alarm sign you should take into account. After all, drinking is used to relax and become more communicative in the company of strangers or feel more confident while being on a date with some gorgeous chick. So, look around you – if there are no friends, strangers you have to talk to or sexy chicks and you are holding a glass in your hand, you have definitely have something to think about.

Alcohol is known to be the source of different problems in your business and private life. If you feel that your life became worse and the relations with your friends, relatives and girlfriend are too far from being perfect, you should realize the reasons of it and consider alcohol among other negative factors damaging your life.

Some people refuse to face the problem even when the facts are obvious. In this case I advise to use one simple method – if you claim that you are not alcohol-addicted, just stop drinking, for some period of time at least. The results of this test will show you whether you have something to worry about or not.

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