Three Recipes to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

For many of us eating healthy is just an empty sound. “Eat healthy” – easier said than done. Here, for those of you who don’t know, I’d like to tell an old tale. Many and many a year ago, there was a king. He lost his appetite, his servants brought him delicious and exotic food from abroad, but he didn’t find it tasty. No food could satisfy him – everything seemed to be tasteless. Then he asked an old and wise man for advice. The old man said that he should leave his throne and settle in a cabin. The king did that. Then the old man told the king that he should plow the soil and plant wheat. That king did. King followed the old man’s advice and gathered wheat, made flour and baked bread. And when he tried that bread, he realized that he has never tasted anything more delicious in his entire life.

If you find healthy food tasteless, cook it yourself. I am not talking about salads – no matter how hard you try, they are going to be tasteless. Although banana, strawberry and low-fat yogurt fruit salad does taste like “a little drop of heaven”. Even though these fruit eaten separately don’t seem to be too sweet, when combined, they actually are very sweet, no sugar needed. Use a plain yogurt, don’t choose yogurt that “matches” the ingredients – it will kill the actual fruit flavor. So, fruit salad can be the first thing on your new menu.
Another healthy recipe is baked potatoes with carrots (and honey). If your aim is to get fit, lose honey. Chop potatoes and carrots (proportions 1: 1), carrot pieces should be 1/3 inch, potato pieces – 1 inch. Oil the form a bit, place carrots and potatoes in there, add salt and bake for 30 – 40 min at 200’C (392’F). If you use honey, coat vegetables in 1 – 2 tbsp. of it beforehand. With or without honey baked carrots are going to be nice and sweet.
Make cottage cheese. Cottage cheese sold in stores is questionable and either too sour or too sugary. Even if you buy milk and low fat kefir (or sour cream) from the same store and make cottage cheese yourself, it will be much tastier and healthier. Bring milk and cottage cheese (proportions 3: 1) to a boil. To avoid a disaster in the kitchen, you may remove milk from the heat a few seconds before it boils, you will see when cottage cheese is ready – water will become yellow-ish and kinda transparent, all the cottage cheese will be on top. Bringing it to a boil is not necessary. Use gauze or sieve to separate cottage cheese from water. Drink that water, it’s rich in amino acids and other elements, it differs from milk. If you think it’s too disgusting to drink, apply it to skin or hair. It can be stored in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Add neither sugar nor salt to your cottage cheese. When making it, use a sauce pan for boiling milk, so it doesn’t burn! I’ve used the wrong sauce pan once and spent an hour cleaning it afterwards.
I hope I helped! As Bon Jovi sings in one of my favorite songs by him – Have a nice day and enjoy healthy cooking 😉


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