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Airport Amusements

In the most cases the passengers have to spend a lot of time in the airport waiting for their planes to arrive and departure. The time of waiting sometimes gets longer as the flights are often delayed or canceled. Some major airports offer their passengers to take part in some amusing or useful activities instead of boring reading the newspapers and endless drinking coffee.

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Military Vespas.

I like scooters pretty much. Piaggio, Honda, Suzuki, and many many others are very functional and economic urban means of transportation. It is really very convenient to ride scooters living in a megalopolis. But my favorite one is Vespa definitely. This brand is Italian and it is produced by Piaggio. Vespa stands for wasp in Italian. The company started to manufacture the scooters of the type in the very beginning of the 1940s. It seems like these scooters are designed just perfectly. For me Vespa is some kind of cultural artifact of Italy.

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