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Three Recipes to Start a Healthy Lifestyle

For many of us eating healthy is just an empty sound. “Eat healthy” – easier said than done. Here, for those of you who don’t know, I’d like to tell an old tale. Many and many a year ago, there was a king. He lost his appetite, his servants brought him delicious and exotic food from abroad, but he didn’t find it tasty. No food could satisfy him – everything seemed to be tasteless. Then he asked an old and wise man for advice. The old man said that he should leave his throne and settle in a cabin. The king did that. Then the old man told the king that he should plow the soil and plant wheat. That king did. King followed the old man’s advice and gathered wheat, made flour and baked bread. And when he tried that bread, he realized that he has never tasted anything more delicious in his entire life.
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Five Signs That You Are Alcoholic

As for me, I see no harm in drinking a glass or two of beer after work in a company of my friends or something stronger if there is event which demands solid celebration. However, I sometimes wonder – where is the line between being occasional alcohol drinker and alcohol-dependent person? So, I decided to make up my own list of signs which can help to define whether you are facing a problem or can still have your evening bottle of beer…or two or three bottles if you are in the mood.

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Food Guide of a Real Man

There are periods in life of every man when they literally want nothing. And less than anything else you want to raise the devil, make jokes or dispose women to some horizontal actions. This breakdown can be explained by the lack of necessary elements in your daily nutrition. The following eight products present a panacea of your problems and will wake up the male in you.

Let’s begin with grape. It is often said that fruits are not men’s food but this particular one will help your sperm to become nibbler. Red grape contains a special substance – resveratrol, which increases the level of testosterone and strengthens the mobility of sperm. A handful of grapes a day will be enough.

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How to Get Rid Of Discomfort During the Flight

Many people suffer from fear of air and feel quite nervous before the flight. Some experienced travelers advice to have a gulp of alcoholic beverage in such cases. Sometimes it may work but during the continuous flight alcohol is likely to worsen the situation. Here is the list of discomfort and disadvantages that make traveling be plane somewhat troublesome. Anyway there is a number of ways to solve these problems and travel with maximum comfort.

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Plastic surgery pros and cons.

Are you satisfied with your physical appearance? Are you a self-confident person? Do you find yourself attractive? Well, if you do not then probably you would like to have a plastic surgery. For many it is the only possible way to change attitude to themselves. At the same time you may risk taking the decision. The result of the cosmetic surgery may be unpleasant. It depends on the surgeon and of course on your expectations. If you do not like the final result it may destroy your life and make things worse. Let’s see what are pros and cons of having plastic surgery.

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Pregnancy And Sports: Best Tips And Recommended Exercises

“Eat as much as you can sweetie and don’t make any unnecessary movements – it’s bad for a pregnant woman!” Have you ever heard such words? I bet you have heard them from your parents and grandparents фтв tried to follow their advice, eat and sit still and immobile in order “not to disturb a baby”.

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