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Is It Really Good to Be That Thin?

Thanksgiving Day is far behind and the Christmas holidays ended two days ago. Have you remembered about your diet? Don't try to exhaust your body again and again to reach the weigh of a colibri. If you were in the shoes of a thin person for a while you would decidedly state the you don't want to become skinny. OK, let us imagine that you are a skinny teeny girl. I bet you enjoy imagining it from time to time. Now consider your new life.

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How to Make Your Household Routine More Fun and Effective

What to do if a single thought of cleaning up turns you in an endless terror? Don’t be afraid of the amount of the future work but split it into several parts. For exapmle instead of cleaning up the whole house tidy up one room but properly.

Here are some simple tips to make the process of tidying up a more pleasant activity.

  • Choose the room. That could be any room from bathroom to study. Fix that in you notepad. Another good idea is to choose the work of one type that is required to be done in all the house. Let’s say to clean all the flat with a hoover. Write that down as well.

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