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What Present to Give Your Girlfriend

St. Valentine’s Day, New Year, her birthday or another anniversary. The life of a couple is practically mined with various small and significant holidays. On the one hand the most part of them are not much ado but on the other hand they are a pretty good reason for your girlfriend to demand a small present. And now comes the question- what to choose?

The girls usually evaluate the present according to several criteria. Here is the list of the most common and typical of any girl.

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Unknown Greece: Tips for Travellers

Have you ever been to Greece? Probably you’ve already seen Delphi and the Acropolis in Athens. I’m sure that you enjoyed the warm sheer waters and soft sands of the Greek beaches. Now it’s time to get acquainted with the real Greece without noisy bars and crowded streets.

So what’s better to begin with?

At first, buy a detailed map. Don’t hesitate to spend a few extra euros on it. By buying good guide you will purchase knowledge, freedom and the possibility to choose. You will know for certain if your destination is quite near to your inn or is it on the other side of the island.

If you have a driving license it may be sensible to rent a car. You will have the opportunity to see the whole country in the time of a week and visit the places which show you the real life of the country. Wild beaches, ancient monasteries, pine forests or rocky mountains…Go wherever you want!

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