Amazing Internet Records

Internet is a virtual world of wonders which does not stop surprising its users with wonderful or weird facts and events. With the help of the Internet you can become famous in an instant – the only thing needed is to launch your video on YouTube. You or your site can also become known by setting some Internet record. Here is the collection of most interesting Internet records and the stories of virtual success and fame.

Twitter has become extremely popular social network and the celebrities compete in the number of followers. The leader of this competition, strange as it may seem, is not Justin Bieber (and, honestly, I am not disappointed by this fact). Lady Gaga has set a kind of record for having about 26,823,122 followers while Bieber has only 24, 687, 443 followers. However, the situation can change any moment as Internet is pretty unpredictable environment. In this list are also Kathy Perry and Rihanna. American President Barack Obama occupies only sixth place with about 17,000,000 followers.

The record in the number of views on YouTube can be called Bieber’s revenge. He is the leader of the Top of the Pops on YouTube with about 700,000,000 view of his video “Baby”.

Nowadays we can not imagine our life without using different sites which provide us with information. However, there were some prehistoric times when there were only five web-sites in the world. It was then, in 1985, when the first domain was registered. In 2009 it was sold by its owners and now you can find there plenty of useless but5 interesting information. is the oldest domain and its registration was a big Internet event, but now there are about 192 million domains in the world and it is unlikely that the registration with any new one will attract someone’s attention.

Technically the domain name can include up to 63 symbols but usually shorter names are used for the purpose of convenience. According to the Guiness Book, the longest domain name belongs to a web-site of some real town in Wales and looks like

Interenet helps the process of globalization and unites different parts of the world into one community. It is difficult to avoid web-cams which are established practically everywhere to observe the life of the planet. The highest web-camera is situated on the top of Everest in order to observe the life of small ethnic group Sherpas living in the Tibet mountains. It is like “Big Brother is watching you” with the Internet in the role of Big Brother.

The title of the hugest Internet event can be given to the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton. About 1.6 billion people watched the ceremony online on 29 of April, 2011. The blogs devoted to the event also received great popularity. The news of the wedding was commented by 6.8 million users on Facebook which proves that people are still more interested in beautiful fairy-tales than in sports events or Justin Bieber and his creations.

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