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Five Signs That You Are Alcoholic

As for me, I see no harm in drinking a glass or two of beer after work in a company of my friends or something stronger if there is event which demands solid celebration. However, I sometimes wonder – where is the line between being occasional alcohol drinker and alcohol-dependent person? So, I decided to make up my own list of signs which can help to define whether you are facing a problem or can still have your evening bottle of beer…or two or three bottles if you are in the mood.

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Events that never happened.

Today all of us are overwhelmed with information. But sometimes it is just impossible to believe that this or that fact can be true. And it is quite difficult to find out whether the facts are fake. I’m sure that many of us tend to think that it happens only today with the Internet appearance when any of us can get information here and now. But it appears that fake news existed even in the 19th century. Well, there is nothing special about it. People have been lying all the time to attract one’s attention.

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Plastic surgery pros and cons.

Are you satisfied with your physical appearance? Are you a self-confident person? Do you find yourself attractive? Well, if you do not then probably you would like to have a plastic surgery. For many it is the only possible way to change attitude to themselves. At the same time you may risk taking the decision. The result of the cosmetic surgery may be unpleasant. It depends on the surgeon and of course on your expectations. If you do not like the final result it may destroy your life and make things worse. Let’s see what are pros and cons of having plastic surgery.

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