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Amazing Internet Records

Internet is a virtual world of wonders which does not stop surprising its users with wonderful or weird facts and events. With the help of the Internet you can become famous in an instant – the only thing needed is to launch your video on YouTube. You or your site can also become known by setting some Internet record. Here is the collection of most interesting Internet records and the stories of virtual success and fame.

Twitter has become extremely popular social network and the celebrities compete in the number of followers. The leader of this competition, strange as it may seem, is not Justin Bieber (and, honestly, I am not disappointed by this fact). Lady Gaga has set a kind of record for having about 26,823,122 followers while Bieber has only 24, 687, 443 followers. However, the situation can change any moment as Internet is pretty unpredictable environment. In this list are also Kathy Perry and Rihanna. American President Barack Obama occupies only sixth place with about 17,000,000 followers.

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Food Guide of a Real Man

There are periods in life of every man when they literally want nothing. And less than anything else you want to raise the devil, make jokes or dispose women to some horizontal actions. This breakdown can be explained by the lack of necessary elements in your daily nutrition. The following eight products present a panacea of your problems and will wake up the male in you.

Let’s begin with grape. It is often said that fruits are not men’s food but this particular one will help your sperm to become nibbler. Red grape contains a special substance – resveratrol, which increases the level of testosterone and strengthens the mobility of sperm. A handful of grapes a day will be enough.

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How to Get Rid Of Discomfort During the Flight

Many people suffer from fear of air and feel quite nervous before the flight. Some experienced travelers advice to have a gulp of alcoholic beverage in such cases. Sometimes it may work but during the continuous flight alcohol is likely to worsen the situation. Here is the list of discomfort and disadvantages that make traveling be plane somewhat troublesome. Anyway there is a number of ways to solve these problems and travel with maximum comfort.

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